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Closer (2015)

Old Times (2013)
18 June 2017
Art (2016)
13 June 2017
In internet-saturated 2015, where expletives and obscenities have lost the power to shock, Patrick Marber's script is inevitably less fresh than when it premiered in 1999. But Closer is in no way stale. The distinctive brand of out-to-shock, in-yer-face theatre packs a different punch sixteen years after it first sent shockwaves on stage; a faux pornographic chatroom dialogue, or sleazy strip club scene won't elicit a gasp anymore. But the humour and crushing honesty haven't dulled with time. The sometimes violent, sometimes casual use of the C word, may have a stronger stage precedent now, but the way in which Marber creates moments of arresting poetry from such ugly language is still unparalleled in theatre. It reminds instead of the poet Philip Larkin in its devastating dysphemism. Instead of dated, the shows feels nostalgic. After a real meeting is prompted, albeit vicariously, through a virtual encounter, Anna (Nancy Caroll) refers to the vast connections offered by the world wide web. To us now this is facile, but it works to show how quickly interactions have been changed by the internet.

Genre: Drama
Playwright: Patrick Marber
Director: David Leveaux

Starring: Rufus Sewell, Oliver Chris, Rachel Redford, Nancy Carroll