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The Man in the High Castle (2015-)

Victoria (2016)
8 December 2016
The Man in the High Castle is an American dystopian alternative history television series produced by Amazon Studios, Scott Free, Headline Pictures, Electric Shepherd Productions and Big Light Productions. The series is loosely based on the 1962 novel of the same name by science fiction author Philip K. Dick. Taking place in an alternate version of 1962 America, where the Axis powers won World War II and subdivided the United States into two powers, the Greater Nazi Reich and the Japanese Pacific States. The series follows characters whose destinies intertwine after coming into contact with a series of propaganda films that show a vastly different history from that of their own.

The pilot premiered on January 15, 2015, and was Amazon's "most-watched since the original series development program began." On February 18, 2015, the series was picked up for a ten-episode season, and the remaining nine episodes were released on November 20, 2015. A second season of ten episodes premiered on December 16, 2016. On January 3, 2017, it was announced that Amazon had renewed the series for a third season.

Season 1 (2015)

10 Episodes.
The Man in the High Castle explores what it would be like if the Allied Powers had lost WWII, and Japan and Germany ruled the United States.

Season 2 (2016)

10 Episodes.
After giving Joe the film, Juliana is forced to flee the fury of the Resistance while embarking on a new path to save her home from destruction. Joe confronts his absent father in Berlin, who is not as he seems. Smith wrestles with what to do about his ill son. Frank takes a gamble with his life in a bid to save Ed. Tagomi’s life is turned upside down by his “travel” to an alternative world.

John Smith's Family

John Smith was born in the United States and fought in World War II on behalf of the United States, serving in the Pacific during the Solomon Islands Campaign. He was a US Army intelligence officer, with the rank of captain. On December 11, 1945, while on leave with his wife Helen, he witnessed the atomic bombing of Washington, D.C. leaving him unaware of his new orders due to its destruction. It is implied he grew up poor during the Great Depression, leading to his future acceptance of Nazism.

He had a brother, Edmund, who developed Landouzy-Dejerine's syndrome, a form of muscular dystrophy. Edmund soon was wheelchair bound and eventually died as a result of his illness when both he and John were young. John took the death hard, telling his wife he 'worshipped' his brother.

John used to be fond of sailing, which was expressed with Rudolph Wegener saying he used to be on land as much as he was out at sea. However, after an event in Cincinnati, he stopped for yet unexplained reasons.

As a high-ranking Nazi official, Smith is as ruthless as he is cunning in his pursuit of his enemies. He does not shy away from brutal interrogation tactics and always seems to be one step ahead of the opposition. He has a stoic composure that is not lost when placed under pressure.
In contrast to his work persona, as a father and husband, Smith cares deeply for his family and puts their needs above all else. The depth of his character and affections becomes more evident as he assumes the role of a typical 1950s father.

John Smith's family
Chelah Horsdal as Helen Smith, John's wife.
Quinn Lord as Thomas Smith, John and Helen's son and the eldest child. A member of the Hitler Youth, it is later revealed that he has inherited a form of muscular dystrophy from his father's side of the family.
Gracyn Shinyei as Amy Smith, John and Helen's daughter.
Genea Charpentier as Jennifer Smith, John and Helen's daughter.