Rufus Sewell exclusive webcam chat

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23 January 2017
The Man in The High Castle – Season 3
2 July 2017

1st June 2017

Zach Laws, Chris Beachum for Gold Derby entertainment

In this exclusive webchat Rufus Sewell reveals that his hope for season two of “The Man in the High Castle,” at least as far as his character was concerned, was, “to go as deep as one could with John Smith.”

Based on the novel by Philip K. Dick, this Amazon original series imagines what America in the 1960s would have been like had the Nazis won World War II. Sewell plays John Smith, an American who becomes an SS Obergruppenführer following the war.

The actor cannot help but see parallels to the story and today’s political climate. “At the time we were doing season one, it felt like it was already relevant,” he divulges. “I’d rather be on a less relevant show with a different setup, frankly, but so it is.” He adds, “I think that it’s a very interesting time for this show,” because, “it’s about how people normalize, and we can see it. It’s like yesterday’s horror, it doesn’t seem to be horrific in the same way.”

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